The dynamic infrastructure framework for anybody! Distribute the workload of many different tools with ease, including nmap, ffuf, masscan, nuclei and many more!

Axiom은 pry가 만든 dynamic infrastructure framework입니다. public-cloud(aws나 digital ocean 같은..) 환경을 기반으로 빠르게 분석 환경을 자동으로 구축하고, 미리 지정된 명령어들을 통해서 스캔과 결과 처리 작업을 수행할 수 있습니다. 재미있는점은 fleet이라고 해서 여러 인스턴스에 작업을 할당하는 방식이 있는데, 이를 활용하면 병렬 스캔 또한 가능합니다.


$ bash <(curl -s

Usage of command

Command Sub-Commands Description
axiom-init init instance
axiom-ssh ssh connect to instance
axiom-ls list of instance
axiom-rm remove instance
axiom-backup backup instance
axiom-boxes - ls- new- rm- cd - get- archive- unarchive manage backups
axiom-account-setup new account
axiom-account-account list and switch account
axiom-fleet init fleet
axiom-scp same scp (copy and paste with ssh)
axiom-select select instance
axiom-deploy - openvpn- covenant deploy app
axiom-vpn deploy and connect OpenVPN
axiom-proxy set proxy
axiom-dns - add- ls Manage DNS A record
axiom-region - ls- select set region of public cloud
axiom-exec run commands in instance
axiom-execb run commands in instance background
axiom-scan - httpx- nuclei- gowitness- dnsprobe- nmap- massscan scanning with template

Make new instance

$ axiom-init
$ axiom-ls

Connecting ssh

$ axiom-ssh <instance name>

Delete instance

$ axiom-rm <instance name>


$ axiom-backup <instance name>

and show backup list

$ axiom-boxes ls

Scanning with axiom

$ axiom-scan subs.txt -m httpx -o http.txt \
axiom-scan http.txt -m nuclei -o nuclei.txt \
axiom-scan http.txt -m gowitness -o screenshots \
axiom-scan subs.txt -m dnsprobe -o dns.txt \
axiom-scan ips.txt -m nmap -oG portscan.txt \
axiom-scan ips.txt -m masscan -oG masscan.txt

Using fleet

Make 5 instance using fleet

$ axiom-fleet <name> -i=5

Select 5 instance

$ axiom-select <name*>



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Last updated on Aug 15, 2021 16:48 +0900