How to make plugin

Clone the Caido’s starterkit-plugin repository or create a new repository using it as a template. Then, you can install dependencies and build it with the following command.

# Install dependencies
npm i

# Build, you can find script.js in dist directory
npm run build

Now, you’re ready to start coding and create features. You can easily add UI components using predefined functions and objects.

// src/index.ts

import { Caido } from "@caido/sdk-frontend";
import { helper } from "./helper";

Caido.commands.register("my-sample-command", {
  name: "My Sample Command",
  run: () => {


// Make myapp page
Caido.navigation.addPage("myapp", "")

// Add myapp to sidebar
Caido.sidebar.registerItem("Open App", "/myapp", "")

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