Hi! I’m hahwul. I like doing various things about hacking, security and all the technique of compute. “hahwul” is a new word made by remixing my name, and it means me. pronunciation is a little vague. say ‘ha-hul’ but you can just call me ‘howl’

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me (@hahwul).

More about me..

package main

type Me struct{
  Pronouns string
  Code string
  Job string
  BestAndFavoriteSkill string

func main(){
  me := &Me{
    Job: "Security engineer and Red team that aims for a purple team.",
    Pronouns: "He/Him",
    Code: "Go and Ruby and Everythings",
    BestAndFavoriteSkill: "Web Hacking :D"
  _ = me