Hi👋🏼 I’m HAHWUL.

hahwul emoji

I am a offensive security engineer and rubyist/crystalist/gopher and h4cker.

‘hahwul’ is a new word made by remixing my name, and that’s me. pronunciation is a little vague. Call me Ha-Hul, but you can call me Howl.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me (@hahwul).

def this_is_me
  hahwul = {}
  hahwul[:job] = "🗡 Security engineer, red team that aims for a purple team"
  hahwul[:pronouns] = "🧑🏽‍💻 He/Him"
  hahwul[:special_move] = "🔥 Web Hacking"
  hahwul[:main_weapon] = ["⚡️ ZAP", "☄️ Metasploit"]
  hahwul[:favorite_language] = ["💎 Ruby", "🐹 Golang"]
  hahwul[:loved_language] = hahwul[:favorite_language] << "💎 Crystal"

# Although I usually like web hacking, 
# I work and play based on all areas of service security

Offensive security engineer

In the realm of social media, I’m known as a bug bounty hunter and an open-source developer, but professionally, I’m deeply involved in Offensive Security and Application Security (AppSec).

My role is commonly associated with positions on the Red Team, renowned for vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and designing security architectures. I believe the skills I possess are instrumental in enhancing security measures.

Additionally, I’m heavily involved in DevSecOps and security-related development, positioning me as half security engineer and half developer.

Open-Source Projects

I’m passionate about open-source projects and enjoy coding in Ruby, Crystal, and Golang. My primary focus is on developing tools for Offensive Security. Additionally, I find joy in contributing to well-known open-source projects.

If you’re curious about my work, please check out my Github repository :D