25 Keywords in Go

Go supports only 25 keywords. It’s very simple, which has the advantage of a low learning curve. I’ve never posting it while using Go. Let me summarize the meaning of each keyword today.

break     default      func    interface  select
case      defer        go      map        struct
chan      else         goto    package    switch
const     fallthrough  if      range      type
continue  for          import  return     var


Group Keyword Description
Declaration const scalar value
  var variables
  func function
  type new struct type
  import import package
  package grouped as unit in a package
Composite types chan go channel
  interface Used to specify a method set
  map define map type
  struct collection of fields
Control flow break terminate a loop
  case form of a switch construct
  continue go back to the beginning of for loop
  default default case in switch
  else false processing in if
  fallthrough next case in switch statement
  for loop
  goto jump to labeled statement
  if used a check certain condition
  range iterate items over the list items like map
  return return
  select goroutine to wait during the simultaneous communication operations
  switch used to start a loop and use the if-elf logic with in block
Funcion modifier defer used to defer the execution of a function. runs when leave the code block.
  go run goroutine