How to find important information in github(with gitrob)

Today.. I write in “how to find important information in github(with gitrob)”. It’s a very simple article, just introduction…

Install and Github AccessToken Setting

First, download with go get!

go get

And let’s add go/bin in the rc file(.zshrf, .bashrc, etc…) for ease of use.

# ~/.zshrc

alias gitrob='your-go-path/bin/gitrob'

if you run this, need to github access token is required. This is essential because gitrob uses github api.

No GitHub access token given. Please provide via command line option or in the GITROB_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

Open github’s settings and generate the access token.

Token grants only read access to the repo because it requires only that privilege. (I don’t need anything else.) When the token is issued, it puts a value in the environment variable called GITROB_ACCESS_TOKEN. Also, this is easy to manage from rc file

export GITROB_ACCESS_TOKEN=your-github-access-token

All right, it’s working!

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gitrob v2.0.0-beta started at 2020-01-19T01:52:22+09:00
Loaded 91 signatures
Web interface available at
Please provide at least one GitHub organization or user


Gitrob arguments is options and organization names.

gitrob {org_name}


Usage of /Users/hahwul/go/bin/gitrob:
  -bind-address string
     Address to bind web server to (default "")
  -commit-depth int
     Number of repository commits to process (default 500)
     Print debugging information
  -github-access-token string
     GitHub access token to use for API requests
  -load string
     Load session file
     Don't add members to targets when processing organizations
  -port int
     Port to run web server on (default 9393)
  -save string
     Save session to file
     Suppress all output except for errors
  -threads int
     Number of concurrent threads (default number of logical CPUs)

I can’t tell you, but if you turn it around, you’ll see this. Once scanning is complete, you can check the results on the web page. By default, it is http://localhost:9393