Three my goals for 2020

Hi hackers and my readers, this is my first article of the new year. Several articles are currently being written and waiting, but I wanted to be the first to write this.

Today I’m going to talk about my 3 goal in 2020. (Everybody does it once. lol)

1. Changing the design and concept of a blog

It’s already applied and you might have noticed. It’s already applied and you might have noticed. I changed it for readability, speed, and my satisfaction. (of course, the improvement will continue.)

2. Complete conversion of the main language from Ruby to Golang

I’ve been trying since the end of last year. I’m getting used to it, but I’m still a little short. I want to be perfect in 2020.

3. My technological evolution

If technology expansion was the main force last year, I think this year is an evolving process. It’s very abstract. to sum up, I’m going to do a deeper study this year.


as always, I will be faithful to my family, my life, my work and my bugbounty :)

Happy new year!