XSpear 1.3 version released!

Hi hackers! I worked hard to finish the XSpear 1.3 version with this year’s last release. and, 1.3 version released!

Key features included in this update include:

There was an enhancement to the scanning function. Scanning for Path and scanning for JS internal XSS have been added. (In fact, everyone can easily develop and give PR because all scanning functions operate as modules.)

2) Config file usage is supported.
It was inconvenient to insert blind-xs url (xsshunter, etc..), but it can be automatically included via the setup file.

3) Reforming the Log-UI of the CLI
The verbose phase has been increased. (and add progress-bar!)

In addition, I been adding features since version 1.2. Please read README!


How to update?

gem update XSpear


and, Happy new year!