Bypass blank,slash filter for XSS to simple trick (double-double ")

Hi, hackers.
The XSS pattern I’m going to talk to you about today… but It’s not a new technique, it’s something. I did not know that...
Event Handler XSS is usually a difficult situation when slashes and blank characters are being filtered.
The ""(double-double &quot) processed value of the HTML properties allows you to isolate the property value, or event handler, without spaces or slashes in a particular environment.

오늘 이야기드릴 XSS 패턴은.. 새로운 기법은 아니고, 제가 모르고 있던 방법이였습니다.
(페이로드들 자세히좀 살펴볼껄..)

보통 슬래시와 공백문자가 필터링 중일 떄 일반적으로 이벤트 핸들러를 이용한 XSS는 어려운 상황입니다.
HTML 속성 중 “” 처리한 값을 잘 이용하면 특정 환경에선 속성값 즉 이벤트 핸들러를 공백이나 슬래시 없이 분리해 낼 수 있습니다.


if filtered slash, blank
just simple.


원리(Why Execute?)

Can split the HTML properties using “” after inserting the attribute values through a space or slash in the HTML tag.

처음 공백이나 / 이후로 태그 위치에서 분리된 경우 “” 를 통해 HTML 속성 간 분리가 가능합니다.
그래서 겉보기엔 whatthe라는 이벤트 핸들러에 “”, 다음 문자인 onload=alert(45)는 속성처리 되지 않을 것 같지만 문자열 이후 오는 첫번째 단어라서 속성으로 분리됩니다.

My case

/ => fileted
%20 => filtered
/; => not filted


XSpear updated

I added commit and update XSpear for this pattern.
바로 XSpear에도 업데이트 해두었습니다.

Add event handler pattern

Add common XSS Pattern

Add event handler pattern on 1.1.6 commit


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  1. hi bro ,
    Iam following your write ups about your xss bug hunting in your blog .
    can u help me to create a payload on website which is filtering only these symbols
    the website is not filtering the below symbols
    ' / ; ( )

    and we can only execute these payloads in < p > our code < / p > tags.

    thin advance broanks :)

    1. Hi.
      If your code is inserted in an HTML area, <> is required.
      However, if there is a part that references <p> </p> code and causes DOM Write, there is a possibility of DOM XSS.

      Typically hunters, passes in the html area where lt, gt with encoding is not possible.

      Happy Hacking!