recodemydesktop - 데비안 화면 영상 캡쳐 프로그램(recode screen[video] on debian)

데비안에서의 화면영상 캡쳐 프로그램 - recodemydesktop

recordMyDesktop is a program that captures audio-video data of a linux desktop session, producing an ogg-encapsulated theora-vorbis file. recordMyDesktop tries to be as unobstrusive as possible by proccessing only regions of the screen that have changed / recordmydesktop

recordMyDesktop is a free and open source desktop screencasting software application written for GNU/Linux. The program is separated into two parts; a command line tool that performs the tasks of capturing and encoding, and an interface that exposes the program functionality graphically. There are two front-ends written in python with pyGtk (gtk-recordMyDesktop) and pyQt4 (qt-recordMyDesktop). RecordMyDesktop also offers the ability to record audio through ALSA, OSS or the JACK audio server. RecordMyDesktop only outputs to Ogg using Theora for video and Vorbis for audio. / wiki


apt-get install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop

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